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Honey Comfort Cool Mattress

Honey Comfort Cool Mattress


Honey Comfort Cool Mattress

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We use the most natural, durable, supportive, and eco-friendly materials to make this non-toxic mattress. The Honey Comfort Cool is completely non-toxic and chemical free and is made with layer of high quality, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic toxic free coconut fiber. The cover is made from natural aloe vera bamboo fabric which helps to regulate body temperature while allowing the mattress to cool. 

     Width  : 153cm (Queen) / 183cm (king)

     Long    : 190cm

     Height : 18cm



     Product Features :




 Product Specification :

     1. Aloe Vera Bamboo Knitted Cover


      2. Polyurethane Foam


      3. Organic Coconut Coir

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