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Honey Maple Mattress

Honey Maple Mattress


Honey Maple Mattress

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- Bonnell Spring System
- Breathable Knitted Fabric
- Foam Encasement
 - Back Support
 - Extra Puffy Top


- Five turns hourglass configuration provides greater load distribution efficiency.

- Support to the spinal cord of the body.

- Provide an unmatchable sleeping posture.

- Provide the firmest support your body.

If you do not get a good night’s sleep every night then it is time to go to select a suitable and right mattress. The right mattress can make all the difference. Hence, we understand your problems and specially designed this mattress to you. Honey Maple with the added features creates better support and comfortable to your body.

HONEY has built a good recognized reputation for providing high quality spring mattress and bedding. With more than 10 years of experienced and long-established in market., nowadays HONEY becomes the one of the choices of hotels which provide greatest value to its customers.

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